Consistency Question 2

Exit sign.

Building signs, and in this case an exit sign, are good examples of functional consistency. They portray a universally and easily understandable meaning (the direction to an exit of a building). The functionality of the design is its purpose and they are consistent throughout most of the world and require little to no thinking to decipher. Without this quick connection being made by whoever sees it, the sign would be useless; its meaning and action are obvious.

exit sign

Exit signs (Murray, 2017)


Apple Logo

The apple logo is now known the world over. It is a prime example of aesthetic consistency eliciting thoughts of sleek, fashion conscious and intuitive design. Apple also has an air of prestige about it, being one of the biggest companies in the world, and the consistency of their designs along with the all too well known logo helps to portray this. In a way, the logo is a symbol of elegance and simplicity, almost separate to the products the company produces. However, the logo could and can be linked with the multinational corporation machine and its ill treatment of workers in factories across the globe. Consistency can provide multiple connotations of meaning.

 apple logo

Apple Logo on Apple Mac (Murray, 2017) 


ECU Signs

Direction signs like the ones found at ECU can be shown as an example of not only functional consistency, but internal and external consistency too. They are functional in a sense that they are serving an obvious purpose of pointing out locations on campus but the consistencies within themselves can be analysed too. The numbering is all one font and so are the building names with a common colour theme throughout. This consistency helps us know that when we see one of these signs that it will invariably be giving locations of buildings and their descriptions in relation to the spot they are viewed from.

ecu signs

ECU Signposts (Murray, 2017)


Murray, D. (2017) CCA1108 Communications and digital technology. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University


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