Credibility & World Wide Web Question 1

Fogg (2003) asserts that trustworthiness and expertise are the two components to credibility on the web and in a general sense. Seeing that a large amount of the worlds’ population has access to the internet it behoves us to evaluate the credibility of the websites we visit. Giving away personal information like phone numbers and credit card details to parties on the internet implies a huge amount of trust on both parts and establishing credibility before doing so is imperative.

Purchasing goods and services on the web has become somewhat of a norm in today’s society and an obsession in some cases. Finding and appraising the credibility of sites that offer this function is in our own best interest lest we get scammed. Facilities like Scam Watch (Australian Competition & Consumer Commission [ACCC], n.d.) which are government run prerogatives are here to help and recognisable as credible due to the suffix ‘’, the Australian coat of arms and ACCC logos. Protecting your personal information online is up to the individual and so assessing the credibility of websites is critical.

Students can get into trouble by accessing sites with limited or no credibility when using them as sources in assignments. False information can lose marks or worse, the information used can be plagiarised or referenced incorrectly. Using satirical news sites like The Onion can, without the knowledge of its jovial nature, get students into trouble by citing false news articles.


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Fogg, B. J. (2003). Credibility and the World Wide Web. In Persuasive Technology: Using             Computers to Change What We Think and Do (pp. 147‐181). Amsterdam: Morgan Kaufmann Publishers.

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