Performance Load Question 3

The way in which we think is a rather measurable quantity and when it comes to design the most successful approach is often one that incorporates psychology. Having studied psychology units in the past, it becomes apparent very quickly that many people think in a similar way which can be predicted. It is through this predictability that design must take advantage. If we know how someone will react to various design mechanisms and techniques, their response to a product can be manipulated according to a designer’s whim. The scientific data is out there and to ignore it during the visual design process seems like a waste of resources. Instead of thinking the way a target audience may perceive a design, research has already been done into things like the psychology of colour and shapes and this should be utilised. This is not to discount the fact that everyone perceives things differently, which they do, but there are trends that really need to be recognised and taken into account to create effective visual designs.


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