Performance Load Visual Examples


Computers are maybe the archetypal example of the pinnacle of performance load when it comes to cognitive load. They have simplified millions of tasks so that we can surf the internet at the click of a button, use word processors to write letters and everything else that comes with the age of computers. Whereas they used to be complicated machines used only by scientists, they are now a symbol for our tech savvy age.


Apple Mac Desktop (Murray, 2017)



Elevators are a good way of showing a reduction in kinetic load. The fit the design principle by taking out the physical monotony of climbing many flights of stairs and also cut down on the time it would usually take to do so.


ECU Elevator (Murray, 2017)


Vending Machines

Now with the addition of PayPass to our bank cards, the cognitive load of remembering a pin is eliminated and attaching them to a vending machine which is taking the physical steps of staff getting drinks for you and hence decreasing the kinetic load, such machines are a good example of reducing performance load in the whole sense.

vending machine

Coca-cola vending machine (Murray, 2017)


Murray, D. (2017). CCA1108 Communications and digital technology. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University.