Credibility & World Wide Web Activity


ECU is known as a reputable Australian university, with advertisements on many platforms, it carries the ‘’ suffix and I know people have graduated from here including my mother.

Perceived ECU

ECU homepage screenshot (Murray, 2017).



Even though the information on facebook is all user generated, much of the internet has links to it and relies on numbers of likes for all kinds of things. The sheer number of links and connectedness Facebook creates makes it a credible website in a reputed sense of the word.

Reputed Facebook

Facebook homepage screenshot (Murray, 2017).



For surface credibility, aesthetics are really the only thing in question. If the site looks well-made and designed like Glenfiddich does, it implies a sense of credibility.

Surface Glenfiddich

Glenfiddich homepage screenshot (Murray, 2017).



Earned credibility is possibly the hardest but the strongest credibility for a website. I have been using Aljazeera for my world news for years now and it is always up to date, little to no ads and easy to navigate.

Earned Aljazeera

Aljazeera homepage screenshot (Murray, 2017).


Murray, D. (2017). CCA1108 Communications and digital technology. Perth, Australia: Edith Cowan University.