Credibility & World Wide Web Question 3

  • Everyone is much more computer literate now. The amount of kids growing up writing code for fun creates a sense of unease. If someone can be hacked or scammed by a teenager in their bedroom, web credibility is on a downwards slope.
  • The increase in cybercrime around the world, even the infiltration of government agencies doesn’t bode well for the Web’s credibility. If the Russian government can allegedly influence the outcome of a US presidential election, then how is anyone safe?
  • Our economy is more and more becoming a digital one with most of our money being mere numbers on servers ultimately linked to the internet. The vulnerability of this to exploited in unthinkable ways is worrying and has the possibility to dent the credibility of the Web.
  • So much is done through the Web now that little is tangible anymore, it seems like we’re putting all our eggs in one basket.
  • The conclusion of Fight Club springs to mind and the wiping of the credit debt by destroying the major banking and lending corporations’ headquarters.